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Establishing And Maintaining Eligibility For Medicaid Benefits For Nursing Home Residents

Proper Medicaid planning can make a huge difference in providing a disabled person with adequate care. It can also help a person maintain a certain standard of living. Make sure you have an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer helping you avoid making any missteps that could hurt your loved one’s ability to establish and maintain Medicaid eligibility.

An Experienced Downers Grove Medicaid Planning Lawyer Can Help

I am Illinois attorney Eileen Fitzgerald. For over three decades, I have helped clients in Downers Grove and throughout Chicago’s western suburbs make smart decision in Medicaid planning. I am extremely familiar with the rules and regulations regarding Medicaid eligibility, for nursing home residents. Call 630-523-0535 or contact me online to discuss your questions and concerns.

Looking Back At Your Finances

Illinois will look back at a person’s finances of the previous 60 months when determining whether that person is eligible to receive Medicaid benefits. They will thoroughly scrutinize any money transfers made in that period of time. You can feel safe that all actions on my part will be confidential and ethical.

Make An Appointment

I can represent you in an appeal if you have already been denied benefits. Call me at 630-523-0535 or fill out my online contact form to schedule an appointment and begin discussing your Medicaid planning goals. My office in Downers Grove is open Monday through Thursday from 9 until 5 and on Fridays from 9 until 3. Home visits are available within a reasonable distance from the office for those who are unable to leave their home, nursing home or hospital room.